The sacredness of Gaïa can be seen and felt mostly everywhere. One has only to open one’s senses and stay still for a moment. Then Earth’s beauty can manifest.

Often we walk through places and feel a change of energy as though we are passing through portals. These changes can be subtle, can be barely seen and felt, or can more obvious, almost striking. We might then stop for a little while and acknowledge the place with a short prayer or a ritual of some sort, maybe leaving a piece of crystal or meditating. In doing so, there is an increasing sense of connectedness with the different realms of nature such as minerals, plants and sometimes with birds living nearby. It’s all about choosing what kind of focus we wish to develop.

We are in the mountains of Andalusia in southern Spain. This blog focuses on beauty, the sacred and how we relate to these in our daily life using photography and words.

Welcome to our world!

AnnaBeth and Olivier