Galera Countryside

A pearl in Andalusia

The neighboring village of Huescar is on the left with the Parque Natural Sierra de Castril in the background.

By Olivier

Dear Readers,

This post is part of the series “Galera”. There is a lot to share about our village and surroundings so let us propose a view of the countryside.

This ever changing terrain is comprised of rolling hills, lush pastures, planted fields, pine forests, rugged mountains and wild badlands that feel otherworldly. While biking on trails, we pass from one magnificent landscape to the next.


We’d like to tell you that agriculturally speaking, this region is mostly known for growing olives and almonds. Miles and miles of fields, even on the slopes of mountains, every bit of usable land is being cultivated. People work hard for little money (they receive about 2€ per kilo of almonds). During winter the almond trees flower in white, pale pink and fuschia. Coming around a bend to find a broad field of almond trees in bloom is breathtaking every time.


Sometime you come across a medley of olive and almonds trees living together.

Galera Countryside

We love the dancing tree in the foreground. See how it bends and spreads its arms out.





To the North of Galera

Out in the campo (countryside) between the villages of Orce and Huescar. This photo was taken from a hilltop north of Galera. In the background is the neighboring village of Huescar. The silver sliver up on the left is Huescar’s municipal solar panel field. The dirt track in front is used by farmers and also enjoyed by cyclists.


The Sierra María-Los Vélez is east of Galera and Orce. These are our new favorite mountains to hike. 


View to the north from the road to Huescar, this cave is just outside Galera. La Sagra mountain is in the background.


To the East

A morning out with buddies from the Galera Mountain Biking Club


On the way to the neighboring village of Orce, west of Galera, on a beautiful spring day.


The wild arugula that is so dear to AnnaBeth. I add it to my homemade tomato sauce. In springtime, edible thistle and young arugala are found all over the countryside. This plant was growing at our feet on the hilltop where I took the previous photo.



Outside the neighboring village of Orce 


Farther East

Village of Orce recreation area. The Sierra Maria is in the background.


Parque Natural Sierra Maria-Los-Velez, north side.


To the Northwest

The dam of San Clemente


The north side of the dam with La Sagra mountain in the background


The south side view from the dam, the Sierra Nevada mountains in their winter coat



To the Southeast

On the outskirts of Galera, the Castellon Alto (High Castle) is the site of an ancient village of the Argar people who populated southeastern Spain 2200 BC - 1550 BC during the Bronze Age. We’re planning a future post about the archeology of the area.


On the old road to Castillejar


The Badlands west of Galera toward the village of Castillejar, fabulous for mountain biking and hiking.



Badlands of Castillejar. El Jabacón mountain is toward the south. We have not yet hiked to the top - it’s on our list!



Stay tuned for our next post about cave accomodations for visitors in Galera!