Olivier grew up between sunny Montpellier, lush Normandy, and living on a sailboat in the Canary Islands. He is a techie by trade, specialized in working on mainframes, an obscure area of corporate technology. His interest in spirituality and love of languages led him to study with theosopher José Trigueirinho in the Figueira center in Brazil where he translated Trigueirinho’s works from Portuguese to French. Olivier has been practicing Reiki since 1992.

In 2009 Olivier moved to Wiltshire, England to work on IT for a Crop Circle Study Group where fate handed him a camera and placed him in a 2-seater Microlight plane shooting aerial photography of the beautiful crop circles that “show up” in that region year after year. Thus began his passion for photography. In 2013, he left the UK for his country of origin, France, time to meet AnnaBeth, to finally establish himself with her in the magical mountains of Andalusia, Spain. His latest passion is mountain biking with a team of Brits on dirt trails through the cave villages and the wide open, ever-changing plateau of the Granada altiplano.








  AnnaBeth is a life coach who helps people to heal on the deepest levels. She teaches yoga & meditation and has also been a bodywork therapist, labor & delivery nurse and community organizer. She is dedicated to environmental sustainability and social justice, and leads weekly energetic healing groups for the planet. AnnaBeth grew up between New York and Paris, and spent years living in Kentucky and high up in the mountains of Colorado. She now shares her time between Andalusia and South Florida.

AnnaBeth is passionate about hiking and snowshoeing in the mountains. She loves dancing and practicing yoga to k.d.lang, and has begun studying the Kriya Yoga of Yogananda. She invites you to join her and Olivier on their mountain jaunts and cave adventures in southern Spain.