Hiking La



The Sagra is the highest peak in the mountainous northern region of the province of Granada, Andalusia (7818 ft).

We feel its energy is of feminine essence and is balanced out by the masculine energy embodied by the Jabalcon mountain situated about 50 kms (30 miles) to the south overlooking Lake Negratin.


Holy Sagra!


 Beginning of the trail





On the way up I wondered if this trail would qualify in the trail books as "difficult" or "very difficult". Just at the end of the hike I got my answer. Don't attempt this climb unless you are fit! We hadn’t been out on a long hike since climbing the Puy de Sancy (in the Massif Central in France) last October and this trek was twice as long. Trails in this region can be rather ungroomed and loose rocks abound. It’s fine if you work out regularly, but not when you haven’t been doing your yoga like me!


We have a spectacular view all around us.


This was not an easy climb but sitting here in the sun on top of the world, there’s nothing like it.

Olivier writing in the travel log that we found inside the tin box that’s tied to the marker at the highest point of the mountain.

The Sagra has a gorgeous healing energy, as though it’s designed to clear out the crap inside without putting you through too much pain. It’s a delicious energy, at least today. It’s as though the Sagra gently sweeps away the inner cobwebs and ushers out the loose rubble. Our inner terrain will be clearer when we return home and the Sagra will have done her job.



For each person who comes here, there is an opportunity to grow. We can’t define this growth but we think it will happen for anyone who makes the trip.



 On the way down








A tip to myself to remember: When we go into nature, bring a bag to carry back any garbage we may find along our way.



0 #11 Judith Elaine Halek 2017-03-12 00:20
Well let's just say, this BEATS COLORADO!! WOW!!! This is beyond the charts amazing... thanks for sharing.

Cute Pic of you Annabeth!! :)
0 #10 Ginny Powell 2017-02-10 04:01
This looks amazing. What a wonderful experience - and no crowds!
0 #9 Joy Freeman 2017-02-07 07:43
Beautiful Annabeth - just beautiful. I am so happy for you that you have manifested such a beautiful life!
0 #8 Farmer Tone 2017-02-07 02:10
:-) Salute from Florida:
I once was doing same at Andora on the opposite side .We passed from the French side .When u want to return back to France and want to buy some SOUVENIRS SANS TAX, Go Andora..a separate KINGDOM quite from the olden world //Meanwhile..send us some pocs of HERBS and Goats climbing trees if not milking some goats and drinking FRESH goat milk how does it feel like living closer to Mother Earth with no shoping malls??/Go girl live life to the TOP of the Mountain and take a deeper breath..life in the HIKING, thats my way of life!!Enjoy..Farmer Tone:))tropical-urban-farmer.com
0 #7 Ninah 2017-02-06 18:18
What an amazing blog entry. I felt like I was hiking La Sagra. The maps in the beginning were very helpful, I always thought that the Pyrenees were the mountainous part of Spain, but it looks like the whole eastern part of the country is mountainous.
0 #6 Cecilia deASF 2017-02-03 22:01
Thanks for sharing the invigorating, cleansing, breathtaking experience! Text and photos are in perfect harmony.
Bisous to you both xoxoxoxoxoxo
0 #5 Kathy Ray 2017-02-03 20:28
Golden and crisp. Days like fresh apples!
Bet you're writing like crazy.
I'm trying lately to do a poem a day.
Modest goals for a sweeter life.
Jan 21 was great.
Onward. Bisous, K
0 #4 Olivier 2017-02-03 17:15
Quoting Yvan Morel:
Salut les d'jeun's
On dirait qu'il ne faisait pas chaud là-haut!
Belles photos

Merci m'ssieur Morel, non pas trop chaud mais belle vue ! :)
0 #3 Philip 2017-02-03 16:04
I definitely picked up on the energy all the way from here!
It reminds me soooo much of the SouthWest USA, where we have what's called the "islands in the sky".
And yet I sense Spain's own energy.
Thank you so much for sharing, both text and photos!
0 #2 Yvan Morel 2017-02-03 15:55
Salut les d'jeun's
On dirait qu'il ne faisait pas chaud là-haut!
Belles photos
0 #1 Inge Karson 2017-02-03 13:53
Thank you for making this wonderful trip and showing these beautiful pictures. I feel as if I am almost walking with you on this trip. It does look very difficult and also very steep. Since I am afraid of heights, I am wondering if I could have done it. It is a beautiful area and you are very lucky to be there.